An Unbiased Review Of The vivo Y12

The Vivo Y12 Plus is the latest smartphone from Vivo. It has all the features of a smartphone that one would wish for in one, with the added advantage of it being a smartphone. This is one of the first handsets to come out from the new line of smartphones from Vivo – and it comes with a great price tag too.

Vivo has priced its handset at an affordable vivo y12 price that is compatible with most budgets – hence the low cost of the vivo y12. The internal memory is however only capable of storing only the minimum of 4 gb; hence the need to insert more to increase the space. Other features include:

This review helps us get a better idea about the specifications of the vivo y12 plus and helps us determine whether it is worth the money or not. First of all, we know that the handset is powered by the quad-core Mediatek Helio XP1 processor, which is a great improvement over the previous generations. The software of the phone allows for faster performance and better overall user experience. One interesting feature of the handset is the presence of a media player that is accessed through the browser.

The review helpful guides us to know that the vivo y12 offers a lot of user friendly features that can be useful in everyday usage. For example, the default setting of the handset allows for rotation of the screens, which is very convenient when typing. Also, the voice recognition software of the phone is very helpful especially when you need to dictate words while on the move. The navigation of the buttons is done very smoothly as well.

Another great feature of the vivo y12 is the presence of a very compact body, which is in fact a good thing because it allows for a very spacious viewing area on the handset. It can easily fit into one’s pocket or purse and even looks more stylish than most mobiles with a similar size. As mentioned, the camera of this handset is also a unique feature of the handset and one of its best selling points. The camera has a very large 1.2 megapixel resolution which makes it very easy to take clear pictures of people who are far off.

The review helpful explains that the built-in image stabilizer of the vivo y 12 provides the users with a clearer picture when taking videos. This function works even if the person whose photo you are taking is moving around. The phone also offers a very convenient connectivity option of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a USB cable that is extremely convenient. Finally, the battery life of the handset lasts for more than five hours before the user has to plug it in again.