Everything To Know About No-Scalpel Vasectomy Vs. Traditional Procedures

Men who no longer want any more children can opt for a vasectomy with a qualified and skilled urologist. This procedure severs and stops sperms ducts that are responsible for the passage of sperms occurring during ejaculation. After the vasectomy, your body still produces sperms, but the semen will not have it once you have completely healed. The vasectomy procedure is a popular birth control procedure for men, and it has a 99% success rate across the globe.

No scalpel vasectomy vs. traditional procedures – Which one should you take?

Before you decide between no scalpel vasectomy vs. traditional procedures, you should always visit a good urologist, skilled and experienced in the field. It is important for you to take your spouse or partner along with you for the consultation before the procedure. Both of you need to understand what its pros and cons are.

What should you expect?

In the vasectomy procedure, the tube that exists between the urethra and testicles is severed or clamped to block the sperm. This tube is called vas deferens, and it is responsible for the passage of the sperm during ejaculation. There are two types of vasectomy procedures, and they are no scalpel and traditional.

An overview of the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure

Urologists have been performing the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure since 1980, so it is a tried and tested permanent birth control procedure for men. In this procedure, the doctor makes the scrotal skin numb with no-needle anesthesia. Then he will proceed to make a small puncture in the man’s scrotum for accessing the vas deferens. This tube is cut, and the duct is sealed. There are no stitches involved in the procedure as the puncture in the skin is so tiny that it can heal


There is little to zero pain post the procedure in the former. The recovery time is shorter, and there are fewer complications than men who have undertaken the traditional vasectomy.

How is the traditional vasectomy different?

In the traditional vasectomy procedure, the doctor delivers the anesthesia to the scrotum with a needle injection. He later proceeds to cut into the man’s scrotum with a scalpel. The vas deferens is severed, and the doctor will stitch the opening of the skin up.

The skin needs to be cut open in this procedure, and men experience more pain than the no-scalpel vasectomy. There is extra bleeding and the period for complete recovery is longer.

When you need to decide between the no scalpel vasectomy vs. traditional procedures, it is obvious that the risks of complications and infections are higher in the latter. This is why more and more men are opting for no-scalpel vasectomy across the world.

Last but not least, vasectomies are major life choices, and so you should both discuss and be mentally ready. Once the procedure is completed, you will no longer have any more children. Take your time to decide and never rush through any vasectomy procedure without proper education, awareness, and advice from a qualified doctor in the field.