IT Managed Services Companies San Francisco – How Do These Providers Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Small Companies

Ransomware refers to a kind of malicious software application that cyber-criminals insert into the computer systems of small companies. The software encrypts the sensitive business data that enterprises depend on to conduct their commercial operations to make it inaccessible. The culprits then call on the corporations’ owners to demand they pay a ransom within a specific deadline. Then on its receipt, they take steps to decrypt and return the data to the owners. However, if the entrepreneurs refuse to comply with the threats, they will:

  • Leak and sell the critical business data to the highest bidder,
  • Permanently delete the data, or
  • Corrupt the information in such a way as to make it virtually useless.

IT Managed Services Companies San Francisco – Impact of ransomware on small companies

Entrepreneurs operating small companies do not pay much attention to cyber-security threats to their businesses. Many of them have just enough money to install cheap anti-virus software or a firewall on their business servers. However, they are unaware that cyber-criminals can still penetrate a ransomware attack on their computer systems via phishing email attachments. When owners unknowingly click on the attachments, they activate the ransomware software. The adverse effects of this form of a data breach on their businesses are:

  • The temporary or permanent loss of their vital business data,
  • Possibly shutdown of their commercial operations, and
  • Loss of revenue resulting from the shutdown of operations.

In the aftermath of a ransomware attack, the entrepreneurs will be liable to pay certain legal fines. This financial loss arises due to their failure to take adequate measures to safeguard their customers’ confidential information. In this situation, the entrepreneurs need to hire reliable IT-managed service companies to deal with the cyber-security threat.

How do they help?

IT managed service companies are third-party corporations responsible for overseeing and maintaining the computer systems of small companies. These enterprises perform the necessary functions to ensure their clients do not face breakdowns or downtime in their network servers. This allows the entrepreneurs to focus on the core activities of their businesses. The experts of IT Managed Services Companies San Francisco say these corporate vendors conduct the following functions to prevent ransomware attacks on their clients’ computer systems:

  • Scan the small companies’ computer system with the latest anti-virus software,
  • Configure business network servers firewall to detect and destroy phishing emails,
  • Back up the business data at the end of each working day and store it in offline locations,
  • Update the operating systems’ security patches after working hours,
  • Filter all emails the companies receive to prevent employees from activating spams,
  • Limit and monitor data access privileges to employees, and
  • Introduce two-factor authentication to avert data breaches due to password compromises.

IT Managed Services Companies San Francisco specialists conclude by saying that any ransomware attack can financially ruin small companies. Fortunately, these businesses can avert this cyber-security threat by employing IT-managed service companies. However, the corporate service providers they choose should have a good market reputation. The professionals of these providers should have adequate experience in deal with this kind of cyber-security attack. Above all, the subscription model of providers should be reasonable and within the companies’ budget to keep their small businesses safe from such attacks in the long term.