Shakti And The Solar Revolution

Grameen Shakti may be a renewable energy resources company based out of Bangladesh. they’re a neighborhood of the Grameen family of companies, which has been working for many years to alleviate the burdens of poverty in developing countries. The Grameen Bank, one among their founding companies, has become world-renowned for his or her charitable work and for helping to determine groundbreaking programs focused on the requirements of individuals . Tech Path

In recent years, the Grameen Bank has financed and supported variety of projects aimed toward removing social and financial barriers and creating opportunities for those less fortunate. Grameen Telecom is one such example. The central aim of this company is to supply collateral-free loans to rural villagers to be used in establishing local communications networks. This model has become referred to as the Village Phone. whatsapp DP

They have now committed significant resources to sustainable energy development. The cornerstone of this effort is that the Photovoltaic Program. In Bangladesh, only 30% of the population is receiving energy from the electric power grid. during this developing nation, the infrastructure to supply energy to each household simply doesn’t exist. In an attempt to deal with this problem, Grameen Shakti has financed the installation of thousands of solar power systems in rural communities.

This has created immense opportunities for people in rural villages. Children now have the power to pursue their studies long after the sun has gone down. Businesses now have the power to work beyond their traditional work hours, thus increasing productivity and sales. A world of opportunity has opened for a whole generation of rural villagers. As a consequence, they’re not rural villagers. they’re now members of our global village.

One of the foremost amazing consequences of this program has been the extent of technological engagement that has occurred among the youth in Bangladesh. For children in rural communities, the longer term is bright. thanks to the advancement in technological knowledge and understanding, the demand for skilled workers has increased at an outstanding pace. to deal with this concern, Grameen Shakti has also established training programs that educate children within the principles of electronics and engineering. elagage marseille

It is both exciting and inspiring to witness the immediate and tangible effects of an enlightened business model that measures its true profitability by its social impact. it’s a thought that’s completely foreign to the western capitalist mindset, and one that is a shining example of the facility of a thought . Western corporations take heed; there are lessons to be learned in rural Bangladesh.